Telly Award Highlights: Labor Day Parade

Sen. Millner Video Wins 2010 Telly Award

Wrapping up our look at T60’s 2010 Telly award winners is a video we produced for Illinois State Senator John Millner, Labor Day Parade.  This was actually a video that was never meant to be one.

T60 has a contract with Sen. Millner to produce a whole series of videos, so we’re always looking for opportunities to shoot good raw video of him to use in those future projects. I saw on his Facebook page he was going to be in Schaumburg’s Labor Day parade, so without any prompting from him or his staff I decided to show up and shoot it.

After his initial shock of seeing me, Sen. Millner settled in and really had fun at the parade.  It was obvious he genuinely enjoyed meeting everyone, so I convinced him to let me put together a short video about the parade.

60-seconds and one Telly later, it turned out to be rewarding day both us will remember.

–Tony Gnau

VIDEO: Labor Day Parade

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