Telly Award Highlights: Chicago’s Beer

312 video wins Telly Award.

As I mentioned yesterday, T60 has won three 2010 Telly Awards.  It’s a huge honor, so over the next few days I’ll share some behind-the-scenes stories on each of the winning videos.

First up is Chicago’s Beer.  We produced this video for Goose Island Beer Company. Leaders there wanted a video to show wholesalers and retailers how committed they are to promoting their 312 beer.

This project took all summer. We had to shoot a bunch of events over the course of several months, but my favorite took place out on Lake Michigan.

We went out with the 312 sailing team during a race. The only problem… it might have been the calmest day of the summer. No wind. All the sailors were pretty bummed, but I assured them we’d make it look exciting.

Let me know how I did. :-)

–Tony Gnau

WATCH THE VIDEO: Chicago’s Beer