T60 Meets Spin Sucks

If you’re in PR, you probably read the blog spinsucks.com. If you don’t, start. If you’re not in the biz but want to learn a little something about PR or marketing, start reading it. It’s the first blog I read everyday.

Gini Dietrich is the CEO of Arment Dietrich and the woman behind spinsucks.com. She’s a real pro and I’m happy to announce that T60 is going to be working with her and her team on a regular basis.

Gini and I met via her blog. I started making regular comments… she kept responding… next think you know we’re trading emails and bouncing ideas off one another. It led to me basically insisting that she let T60 upgrade the vlog portion of spinsuck.com.

Every Thursday, Gini answers her Facebook Question of the Week using a FlipCam video (see past videos). Nothing was wrong with the videos, but there was definitely some room for improvement. She didn’t need much convincing.

Starting tomorrow you can see what we came up with… changing focal lengths, a few graphics, add some music… upgrade complete!

Why should you care? It’s a great example of how you can transform a “simple” talk-to-camera vlog into a visually interesting video (read more about that).

So… tomorrow… head over to spinsucks.com to see our handy work. We’ll be continuing to produce her Facebook Question of the Week vlogs for the foreseeable future.

–Tony Gnau