Super Bowl Ad Hits Devoted Audience

We all know you can’t please everyone, and yet it’s a big problem with marketing videos. Business leaders that insist on a video that speaks to everyone usually end up with something that appeals to no one.

I thought about this a lot after seeing my favorite Super Bowl ad… “The Force” by Volkswagen. Yes, I am a Star Wars nerd… a devoted fan. It’s hard for me to comprehend, but there are people out there who haven’t seen Star Wars. There are even more who just don’t connect with the iconic series, and I talked with a few of them yesterday who didn’t get the commercial. Not… they didn’t like it. They flat-out didn’t understand it.

So Volkswagen spent all this money on a Super Bowl ad, and it went right over the heads of a bunch of potential car buyers.

Bottom line… who cares. Millions of people do get and love it. Over 17-million hits on YouTube and counting. I’ve never been interested in Volkswagen, but the commercial inspired me to visit the company’s website and check out its cars.

Now, not every company can use Star Wars as a hook. The point is if you have a good idea, run with it… even if it might not appeal to everyone.

I’ll always take a video that has an impact on a devoted audience over one without a soul that doesn’t touch anyone in particular.

Smart marketing it is.

–Tony Gnau