Still Needing To Sell Video To Business Leaders

Yesterday I met with an old friend of mine and a very talented graphic designer, Julie Woertz at We Cre8 Design. It was followed by a phone call with the friend of a friend who’s looking for a video-related job. Two totally different conversations but something similar struck me about each.

We’re still having to sell people on video.

Julie was telling me how she’s always recommending to clients to include video on their websites, but people haven’t been biting. My new acquaintance was talking about how hard his former employer had to work to sell video B2B.

I’m faced with it as well, and it shocks me. I mean, I get it. If a business leader sees the potential for how video can help them, but they feel like they just can’t afford to do it right now… okay. But that’s not what we’re talking about.

Many executives still don’t see the point of video. What’s more, they seemingly ignore all the stats out there telling them how many people are watching online videos.

All I feel I can do is continue to advocate for the medium. It is such a powerful way to reach people… to connect with them on an emotional level. These are clients and prospects, and business leaders need to realize they’re out there watching.

–Tony Gnau