Sharing Your Expertise Earns Viewers

I really love what Advocate Health Care is doing to promote its brand. Company leaders are churning out a pretty decent amount of video content, some focused on what their hospitals are doing, but many of them simply answer medical-related questions.

In today’s case, they picked a timely topic to draw more viewers… something every company should think about.

The Chicago Marathon was run on Sunday. On Monday, Advocate sent out a video entitled, “Sports Medicine Tip: recovering from your marathon.”

The video isn’t anything special, but this isn’t a post about production value. It simply features a sports medicine doc talking on-camera about how best to recover.

It’s a great idea. To my knowledge, Advocate wasn’t a race sponsor, but they take advantage of an event many Chicagoans were focused on over the weekend.

PR, marketing and business leaders need to be thinking about this sort of thing. What’s going to be in the news that applies to our expertise? What sort of quality content can we create to better inform our customers/prospects?

Thinking it out in advance can provide some terrific videos that will help your company connect with audiences in a powerful way.

–Tony Gnau