Video Samples / Testimonials

Testimonials are one of the most powerful marketing tools available. Get them on video and you have something truly special.

Blog Post: How-to Do Better Testimonial Videos


Lutheran Social Services
Time: 3:39
LSS promotes its open adoption program using this testimonial.


TruLife™ Acrylic
Time: 3:27
How do you demonstrate how great your product is when you really need to see it in person? We suggested using a testimonial video featuring photographers' first impressions.


Robo Agressor
Time: 2:27
A product video and testimonial all wrapped into one .


Time: 2:01
Cayan shows how it's helping a customer that faces a unique challenge


Katie Gnau, Realtor
Time: 1:14
This realtor shows this testimonial to prospects. (3-Step Video Example)


Spin Sucks
Time: 1:36
An awesome video production company uses this as a client testimonial. (3-Step Video Example)