Video Samples / Rob Biesenbach On Storytelling

Testimonial RobWho is this guy?

Rob Biesenbach is a talented marketer, public speaking guru, and an okay actor. Just kidding Rob… he’s good at that too! Rob has figured out a way to combine his passions for marketing and acting and now shares his vision with audiences all over the country.

What we did for Rob

Knowing our passion for storytelling, he hired us to shoot one of his presentations on the subject and then break it down into some short videos. He uses the videos in his content marketing efforts, and as examples for people interested in hiring him as a speaker.

When you hear to what he has to say about storytelling, it’s no wonder why we like this guy.

Unleash the Power of Storytelling
Time: 2:17


Emotion Drives Stories
Time: 3:11


What is a Story
Time: 2:31


Why Are Stories So Powerful
Time: 2:17


Art & Politics of Storytelling
Time: 1:58