Quality Video For Just $500

You don’t need a big production to create good videos. You don’t even need a big budget, and T60 is ready to prove it.

$500. That’s the price-point for our latest service. We’re calling them “Elevator Pitch Videos.”

I don’t typically write about the services we offer. This blog isn’t meant to be a sales vehicle. It’s a platform to discuss our passion… storytelling.

I decided, however, to write about this particular service because I run into so many business owners with the same problem. They understand the power of video, and they would love something for their company’s website and social media… but they don’t have the cash.

I’m a small business owner myself, so trust me, I get it. That’s why we developed this service.

Clients get a 1-hour shoot. During that time we conduct an interview of sorts where they give us their elevator pitch. What they do, what sets them apart, and how they want their clients to feel after working with them. We shoot a little raw video, then take it all back and put together a short video.

It’s basic but professional. It’s high-quality but budget friendly. It’s just what a lot of small businesses need.

–Tony Gnau