Quality And Consistency Get You Noticed

People sometimes ask me for the best way to get people to watch a video. Thanks to the internet, we now have a low-cost way to deliver video, but getting people to watch is all about quality and consistency.

A boring unprofessional video isn’t going to do much for you. Produce a quality video that’s relevant to the audience, and it’s bound to catch people’s attention. Do it again and again, and you’ll get people looking forward to seeing your videos. It’s no longer a marketing video to them. It’s something they appreciate and enjoy.

Goose Island Beer Company is a prime example. They produce multiple videos every year for wholesalers and retailers. The videos are professional, interesting and aimed at educating the sales force to help them sell beer.

Put yourself in the wholesalers’ shoes… why wouldn’t you want to watch those videos?

–Tony Gnau

Video Example: Goose Island – Sofie