Putting Your Expertise On Display

Yesterday I blogged about an accountant, today it’s a financial planner. I swear… I didn’t plan it.

My wife and I met with our financial planner on Tuesday. The meeting went well and ended even better with us talking about plans to produce a video for him. He’d like to ease into video with anĀ elevator pitch video, but eventually he like to do more.

Show people you’re an expert

Our financial planner actually serves as a great example. In many industries, people are getting paid to provide their expertise. In his case, it’s financial advice. When he decides to move forward with more videos, you can bet I’ll be talking with him about raising his standing as an expert.

Every business gets questions about what they do. Imagine producing a series of videos answering those questions. How many times do you think he’s asked to explain a Roth IRA? Or a traditional IRA? How they’re different from a 401k?

That’s three short videos right there. They provide people with some education, but at the same time they don’t give away his most valuable commodity… how to best use those tools to plan for retirement.

What about you and your business? Start thinking about the frequently asked questions you get about what it is you do. That’s a good start for your video production.

–Tony Gnau