Put An Emmy Award Winner To Work For You

That headline has been T60’s slogan since I started the company eight years ago, and the tradition may continue.

Admittedly, this is some self-patting on the back. I learned yesterday I’ve been nominated for another Emmy Award.

As many of you know, I got my start as a TV news reporter… winning three Emmy awards during my 9-year career. What many of you might not know is I continue to moonlight at WGN-TV as a freelance producer and writer.

At first, it started as a way to make some money while I got T60 going. Now, I freelance there less often, but it’s still a lot of fun when I do. I get to keep my toes in TV news, and I also get to work on a terrific team.

Being part of a team

Team is the key word here because for the first time in my career, I’m nominated as part of a team. Our 5pm newscast is nominated for best news gathering (spot news) for our coverage of the NATO protests. I wrote for that show, edited video and coordinated live shots, so I’m one member of the team that’s nominated.

We haven’t won anything yet. It’s just a nomination, but it’s fun. T60 has won 11 Telly Awards for its work. I often tell people the Telly is like an Emmy for people in the non-broadcasting world, but that’s what’s cool about an Emmy. Everyone knows what one is and the achievement speaks for itself.

Any award you’ve won that you want to brag on a bit? I’d love to hear about it and give you a virtual pat on the back.

–Tony Gnau