Proof Measured In Dollars

I blog a lot about the power of video and what it can do for a company or organization, but don’t take my word for it… follow the money.

Glenwood School for Boys and Girls gets kids out of bad learning environments and puts them on a path to a better life. Every year school leaders host a fund-raiser luncheon, and they like to include a video during the program.

In 2009, T60 was brought in and asked to take raw video shot in the past to create a new video, but this year they gave us a couple of ideas and simply let us run with it.

So how did it work for them? This year’s fund-raiser exceeded last year’s by $100,000. That’s in a down economy folks.

It prompted an email from their marketing and special events director, and she cleared me to share it with you.

“Everyone LOVED the video,” said Crystal Phillips. “There were some tears. It made my mother cry. Excellent job. I can’t wait to post it (online) so even more people can see it.”

Sure, I’m tooting our own horn a bit, but really it’s a tribute to the school’s leadership. They invested in video, and it paid off… BIGTIME!

–Tony Gnau