PR/Marketing Videos That Target HEARTS & Minds

I watched a video yesterday produced by financial planning expert Dave Ramsey about the types of insurance he thinks everyone should own. It wasn’t a PR or marketing video, but the end of it really reinforced one of my biggest beliefs.

Dave is a master at his craft. He’s a nationally syndicated radio host, best-selling author, and a terrific on-stage performer. During the video, he spent about an hour speaking to an audience and giving them all sorts of facts and figures about insurance.  Health, long-term disability, life insurance… just a few that he was advocating.

He made a lot of great points, but he closed the video with a personal story that drove home his message. It was about a 28 year-old man who had started following Dave’s financial plan, which included getting insurance, only to find out a short while later he had a fatal disease. It was an amazing story, and trust me if anyone watching was still on the fence about getting insurance, they were probably on the phone with their insurance agent as soon as they finished.

Think about that. An hour of solid facts and figures, but it was a short personal story that really grabbed me as an audience member. You might have a cerebral case for why people should use your product or service, but your marketing video better target people’s hearts.

–Tony Gnau