PR/Marketing Lessons Learned From Our Clients

I hope your business is like ours. We have some amazing clients, and just when we feel like we know it all… we’re pretty sharp… one of them teaches us something new.

We share a lot of those stories here, but some of them we single out at our newsletter (newsletter signup). We’re starting an ambitious new project tomorrow that involves sharing some of our clients’ stories through a series of newsletter videos.

Why they use video, how they use it, target audiences… it’s all up for discussion and you’ll hear about it in their own words.

We’re constantly amazed at some of the creative ways our clients are using video, so our hope is that you pick up some good ideas along the way.

First up… Goose Island Beer Company’s Chief Operating Officer. He’s part of the talented team that has led to the craft beer company to new heights. How high?¬†Anheuser-Busch bought them last year for nearly $40 million.

Sound like they might have something to offer?

–Tony Gnau