Video Samples / PMJ Group Examples

One of the things we like to do is take flat images and give them some dimension and sometimes movement. One of the techniques we use to do this is by shooting that material with a camera as opposed to using a screen capture.

In the case of your project, we would probably use a mix of both.

Below you will find a few examples. Notes have been added next to each one to let you know what you should be looking for that would apply to your project.

McCormick Place (Upcoming Changes)
Time: 3:27
NOTE: watch how we used the artist renderings in the first third and last third of this video. None of them are screen captures. All were shot with a camera.


Spin Sucks the Book
Time: 1:56
NOTE: a big component of this video includes the blog and web analytics. Pay attention to how we shot them to make each more visually interesting. Strange coincidence... we used the same music as in the McCormick Place video. Trust me... we have more music available to us than this one track. :-)


A&A Paving | Sealcoating Service
Time: 0:45
NOTE: pretty basic video. The client simply asked us to edit together some drone video, but we added music and some titling to ramp it up a bit. They were pretty psyched.