Personality Powers Great Event Videos

Personality Powers Great Event VideosOne of my favorite videos we produce is the event video. I guess I should actually be referring to them as “videos” because there are actually several different types of event videos you can produce.

These videos excel in a few key areas:

  • helping promote events
  • keeping an audience’s attention during an event
  • driving traffic to a booth or table during trade shows
  • allowing an event to live on even after it’s over

That last area was actually the subject of a post I wrote this week for Eventbrite, How-To Leave People Feeling Good About Your Event. It’s a detailed look at how you can produce a video during your event that “puts a bow on the experience” for all of your attendees and beyond.

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Looking back at our first event video

Producing an event video always takes me back to the first one we produced. It happened to be for NBA All-Star Dwyane Wade. He’s a Robbins, IL native whose not-for-profit foundation serves kids all over the Chicago area.

Chicagoans, like me, might want to hate the guy as one of the Big 3 on the Miami Heat, but you just can’t. He’s too good of a guy. As a matter of fact, the one question I get most often after people watch the video is, “Is he really that nice of a guy?” Wouldn’t it be nice having people thinking that about your company?

But I digress, the video… he and his team wanted some sort of video they could show to his fans highlighting the work he does at his annual basketball camp. There was also a second goal. They needed a video to show potential corporate partners.

The power of personality

We talked with Dwyane, his family members, and kids attending the camp. The story came together really well, especially because Dwyane was so great with the kids. His personality drives the video, and that leads to a great tip for anyone producing an event video like this. Find people with dynamic personalities and feature them. Their bright personalities shine a light on your whole event.

Produce something like that for your own event and you’ll have a video you’ll be proud to share.

–Tony Gnau

Tony Gnau - T60 ProductionsTony Gnau is the Founder and Chief Storytelling Officer at T60 Productions. He’s a three-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, has led T60 Productions to winning 18 Telly Awards for its corporate videos, and is the author of the Amazon #1 Bestseller “Lights, Camera, Impact: storytelling, branding, and production tips for engaging corporate videos.”