NIS Video Marketing Ideas

Video is a great way to communicate with customers, prospects, and employees alike.

All of the videos below can be used on your website, blog, social media, even in proposals you send to prospects and customers.

We’ll share some examples with you as well as some blog posts that will explain our thoughts in further detail.

If you would like to brainstorm some more ideas with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Helpful Blog Post

Website Videos

There are all sorts of videos you can produce to improve your website. We’ll give you a quick breakdown, but we highly recommend checking out our Ultimate Website Video Guide for more details.

First thing’s first, you NEED and About Us video. Show people who you are, what you do, and why you do it! Consider this your first impression video. Second, create videos that highlight your core services.

While you can put all of these videos on a single page, you’re better served sprinkling them throughout your website.

Helpful Blog Posts

How-To Create A Great About Us Video

Case Studies

One of our customers is a large health care system, Catholic Health Initiatives. It owns over a hundred hospitals in more and a dozen states.

CHI uses us to produce case studies at various hospitals that are doing exceptional work. They then share the videos with everyone in the system as examples of what their colleagues are doing that might be worth replicating.

Case studies would be a terrific way to highlight your clients and how they’re successfully handling benefits, allowing other municipalities to learn from them. No doubt… this would be a powerful piece of content marketing.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that NIS is an important part of each success story.😉


If case studies are too subtle for you, testimonials might be the way to go. They’re basically the same thing, but you can focus a little more on what NIS is doing for each client.

Don’t over sell it though. Testimonials should always be about your client first, and your company second. Read our blog post on How-to Do Better Testimonial Videos to learn why it’s so important.

Both testimonials and case studies are marketing gold. Your customers are basically telling your prospects that they trust you, and you delivered results. And while a written testimonial is good, put them on video and it amplifies the the impact!

Helpful Blog Post

Team Member Profiles

Some of the videos we have long encouraged our customers to produce are employee profiles. Why? It’s simple… people want to buy from real people… people they can relate to… people they can trust.

The first step to trusting someone is getting to know them a little, so putting your people on-camera and letting them introduce themselves is a great first step.

The example given here is one of several profiles we’re producing for a global branding agency, Prophet. We love how they’re highlighting their people.

Want to see more of them? We posted a bunch here: Prophet: executive profiles