New Social Media Use For Video

I’m constantly amazed at the innovative ways people are using video, although in this case I guess I shouldn’t be.

I shot an interview last week at Prophet.¬† They call themselves¬† “a strategic brand and marketing consultancy.”

Anyway, I interviewed Andy Stefanovich, and his book Look at More is all about innovation. After we finished, he and the company’s social media guru asked if they could have a copy of the raw interview. My client was along for the shoot and didn’t have a problem with it, so I said sure.

Their response, “Great. There was some real Tweet-able stuff in there.”

What a great idea! The interview was probably about 10-minutes long. The video will be less than 2-minutes. A lot material that would normally end up on the cutting room, resurrected for social media.

Talk about a great way to generate content.

–Tony Gnau