New Mediums For PR/Marketing Videos

I was at Chicago’s historic Palmer House Hotel yesterday, and I came across something pretty cool. The hotel has a series of iPads set up just off the main lobby giving guests access to hotel services.

The startup screen features video of a woman welcoming visitors to the hotel, then there are all sorts of links to everything from hotel amenities to the hotel’s rich history.

Very cool. Although, I couldn’t help but think how it would have been even better if they had incorporated more video, especially about the building’s history and massive renovation. It was a little hard to hear the startup video, but nothing some subtitles couldn’t solve.

The Palmer House draws hotel guests as well as tourists who simply wander in to check it out. Video would be provide an even better tool to promote the hotel.

Just another example of how easy it is these days to find ways to work video into a PR or marketing plan.

–Tony Gnau