Mobile Video At The Ryder Cup

Wow. Still coming down after a wild Ryder Cup weekend. I knew exactly what I wanted to blog about and I’m kicking myself. I didn’t take a photo.

American Express was offering mobile video players to card members for $1. They were EVERYWHERE on the course. The units were streaming the tournament broadcast live. Totally cool.

Video is a part of mobile

I blogged last week about being ready to watch the same broadcast through the Ryder Cup iPhone app, but it didn’t happen. Too much mobile phone traffic overloaded the system. I spent a lot of time trying to look over the shoulders of American Express card holders.

All it did is reiterate the rise of mobile. It’s not all about Facebook and photos, there’s a real role¬†for video in mobile. The trick will be figuring out how your company leverage it.

–Tony Gnau