Video Samples / The Mayor

Emmy Award statueIn May of 2001, I was working as a news and features reporter at WLWT-TV… the NBC affiliate in Cincinnati, OH. Fellow reporter Teri Barr approached me one weekday and told me she had a fun story idea for me. She said the mayor of Rabbit Hash, KY had died and the town was holding a memorial for him.

Dead mayor, memorial service… fun? Yup.

Photographer Mike Loomis and I had no idea how much fun we were in-store for that day. On the way back to the station, I called the producer and she asked how it went. I told her, “We’re going to win an Emmy for this story.”

I’m proud to say I was right. It was the first of three Emmy awards I won in four years at WLWT.

And now… please enjoy… “The Mayor.”

–Tony Gnau

The Mayor
Time: 2:38