Marketing Styles Change, But Texas Forever

No matter what your profession, it’s easy to get complacent. Especially when you’re good at what you do. You fall into a rhythm doing things the way you’ve always done them.

Stop it. Break that habit. I wear a lot of hats as a video producer and one of them is as videographer. I shoot most of what T60 produces, and I definitely find myself falling into a rhythm. I have a style I’m comfortable with, and it’s how I often find myself shooting without even realizing it.

I’m going to break that up a bit. I’m going to start experimenting with some new shooting styles.

I just finished watching the series finale of the NBC show Friday Night Lights. I have always loved the way the series was photographed, and I think it’s about time I incorporate some of those techniques into the PR/marketing videos we produce.

It doesn’t mean I’m abandoning my style y’all, it just means I’m going to add some new plays to the playbook.

Clear eyes, full hearts…

–Tony Gnau