Marketing Secrets Behind Award Winning Videos

One of the things we pride ourselves in at T60 is the effort we put into every video we produce, so why do some win awards and others don’t? The reason this year is simple, and it’s a great lesson for business leaders.

It’s the people. Take one look at the videos we produced for DuPage Habitat for Humanity and Glenwood School for Boys and Girls and the common denominator is each features compelling people.

Shari and Arletta in the Habitat video… Vashawn in the Glenwood video… they’re comfortable on camera, they’re engaging, and most importantly they’re speaking from the heart. They’re not delivering a scripted corporate message. You can tell they believe in what they’re talking about.

It’s a great lesson for businesses leaders who want to produce their own video. Think about all your employees. Think about your customers? Who are the most engaging people who surround your company?

It might not be the CEO, executive, or manager you planned on featuring, but sometimes they aren’t your best representatives.

–Tony Gnau

T60’s 32nd Annual Telly Award Winners

VIDEO– DuPage Habitat for Humanity

VIDEO– Glenwood School for Boys and Girls