Video Samples / Marine Mammal Center

Marine Mammal CenterThe Marine Mammal Center started a new program to help educate middle school students in the San Francisco bay-area about marine mammals. The Ocean Ambassadors program spans ten weeks and provides teachers with science curriculum they can use.

To kick-off each lesson, the center’s educators wanted a video to introduce students to what they’d be learning about that day. Each of them is listed below.

Ocean Ambassadors Lesson 1: Learning To Look
Time: 3:09
Introducing students to what work goes on at The Marine Mammal Center.


Ocean Ambassadors Lesson 2: Mapping Marine Mammals
Time: 5:11
Introducing students to the types of animals that are treated at The Marine Mammal Center.


Ocean Ambassadors Lesson 3: H2O Habitats
Time: 4:30
Showing all of the work put into making sure the water at The Marine Mammal Center provides the perfect environment for the center's patients.


Ocean Ambassadors Lesson 4: Diagnosing Diseases
Time: 4:05
Highlighting the research being done in The Marine Mammal Center's laboratory.


Ocean Ambassadors Lesson 5: Treating "Tui"
Time: 4:02
Focusing on how veterinarians at The Marine Mammal Center conduct surgery on patients.


Ocean Ambassadors Lesson 6: Remote Observations
Time: 4:25
Demonstrating how researchers study marine mammals without disturbing them in their environments.


Ocean Ambassadors Lesson 7: Read The Researchers
Time: 3:39
Showing how The Marine Mammal Center tracks its patients and their progress.


Ocean Ambassadors Lesson 8: In The Field
Time: 5:56
A guide for best practices when going into the field to observe marine mammals.


Ocean Ambassadors Lesson 9: Research Rodeo
Time: 2:11
Providing examples of how folks at the marine mammal center share what they learn with others in the scientific community.


Ocean Ambassadors Lesson 10: Call To Conserve
Time: 2:14
Focusing on some of the different ways people express the importance of conservation.