Making Memories Last

People who host PR/marketing events have their checklist. Venue, caterer, decorations, photographer, et cetera. The problem is it rarely contains the one thing that will make the memory of the event last the longest.

A videographer.

People don’t think twice about adding a photographer to the budget, and they shouldn’t. However, while a photo captures a moment in time, a video can transport the viewer to the event. People who were there get a chance to relive it and people who couldn’t attend get a sense of what it was like being there.

The best part… since you’re going to post that video to your social media, share the link in an email campaign, and put it up on the company website… you are going to do those things… right?… chances are good viewers will share that video with friends, family, and colleagues.

A good video makes memories last.

–Tony Gnau