Look For Free Video Content

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 10.20.08 AMHere’s a new one… I accidentally “liked” Online Pet Depot on Facebook, and now I’m being treated to all sorts of fun pet videos.

I don’t know when I “liked” it. Once I realized I was getting their posts in my feed, I was going to click “unlike” but a funny thing happened.

I started watching the videos. Nothing spectacular, just fun pet videos that people have posted on YouTube and now Online Pet Depot was sharing them with me.

It’s brilliant marketing when you think about it. Pet videos are some of the most popular on the web. Online Pet Depot has access to a ton of free content via YouTube and they take full advantage.

They’re providing me with something I’m enjoying, now when they tell me about a sale I might actually pay attention. Whether or not I’m converted into a customer is still up for grabs, but “their” videos keep their brand in front of me.

What sort of free video content is out there that applies to your industry? You might want to consider sharing it with your followers.

–Tony Gnau