Lemons To Lemonade… Be Creative

Okay, so I’m faced with a problem we occasionally run into these days as video professionals.  I have a client who has raw video in a both a 4:3 aspect ratio and 16:9.  Obviously not an ideal situation, but it can be an opportunity to be creative.

There’s only a little video in 4:3, so the easy route would simple be to stretch it to fit the 16:9 screen.  In this particular situation, it will probably look fine, but I rather think of it as an opportunity to be creative with my editing.  There could be a really cool way to solve the problem, but I won’t know until I start playing with it.

I’m not saying to discount the easiest technique to solve the problem… just don’t  jump to it and stop there.  Keep your creative mind working.

–Tony Gnau