Laziness Doesn’t Get You Shots Like This

Here’s something that’ll speak to anyone who’s ever produced a video. You’ve been shooting all day. You’re tired. You pack-up your gear and head for home.

Then it happens… you see one more shot. Do you stop and get it or keep rolling home?

I’ve been there myself many times, and it happened again last week while we were in San Diego. We were done shooting for the day, in the car heading back to the hotel, and I looked out the car window and spotted a beautiful shot.

It wasn’t anything crucial to our project, but it was perfect as a San Diego scene-setter. The shot was only 4-5 blocks from our hotel, so we finished driving back then I grabbed the camera bag and tripod and walked back to get it (see the photos).

So… the message is… STOP! Get the shot. You’ll regret it if you don’t. You’ll be sitting at your computer editing and kicking yourself. It happens all the time… but not to me. Not this time.

–Tony Gnau