Knowing Your Audience Is Crucial

We’re still pretty excited about our recent Telly Awards, so I thought I’d relay some valuable insights from both projects.

We’ll start today with the video produced for the Warrenville Police Department. This provides a great lesson for why it’s important to know your audience.

Department leaders wanted a recruiting video to attract young officers who are looking for their first job in law enforcement. That’s crucial information. It guided everything from the raw video we decided to shoot to the story we crafted… even the music we chose.

Quick cuts, exciting visuals, and sound bites focused on opportunities. All things that should appeal to our 20-something viewers.

If this video was being used to recruit veteran cops to leadership positions, it would look and feel totally different. That’s why knowing your audience is so important.

Always keep your viewers in mind during the creative process. Let them guide your choices.

–Tony Gnau