It’s About Storytelling, Not The Camera

Video is becoming a strange animal. It used to be nobody had a video camera, so if they wanted video they had to either hire someone to shoot it or go to the time and expense of buying their own equipment.

These days everyone has a quality video camera built into their phone.

This may be why some people have unrealistic expectations when it comes to the cost of producing video. We occasionally have people who contact us for proposals who are surprised their project will cost thousands of dollars.

I think they’d be even more surprised if they shopped around only to find out there are companies charging a lot more than us.

I understand we all have access to quality video cameras, but that’s no longer what you’re paying for when you have a video produced. You’re paying for the skill it takes to operate that camera and tell a compelling story.

Anyone can shoot video, but takes a highly trained and skilled artist to create a video people will want to watch.

–Tony Gnau