Internal Communications


Communicate better with your own people.
T60’s storytelling strategy is an affective, low cost way to motivate your workforce or membership.

Video creates interest.

  • Anyone can send out a newsletter or email, but video captures people’s attention.  Explain company policies, show them the latest product, maybe even highlight the work of an individual or group.  Use storytelling to improve morale.

The Accessible CEO.

  • T60’s Storytelling Strategy allows a president or CEO to speak directly to their employees.  They are no longer the impersonal name behind a title.  They become a real person other employees can relate to, which then empowers a president to energize the company culture.

Storytelling advantage.

  • By incorporating information into a compelling story you capture the audience’s attention and make them more receptive to your message.

Leaves an impression.

  • Storytelling also helps viewers retain the information, and after watching something they really enjoy they share it with other people.

  • Videos, like television, have a cumulative effect.  The more videos you produce, the more the viewer feels like they’re getting to know the subject of the video.