Integrate Video, Entice Interest

Indianapolis week continues with a trip to the zoo. We love zoos in our family. We’re members at Lincoln Park Zoo, and LPZ is also a T60 client. So, whenever we visit someplace new as a family, that city’s zoo is a typical destination.

We loved the Indianapolis Zoo, and one of the things I enjoyed was that zoo leaders integrating video into some of the attractions. The one that stood out the most was at the dolphin tank.

Places like this love to educate people. They do it through text-filled displays, interactive games, and yes… video. A well done video is bound to draw people in and get them interested. They tend to start by watching some video, then move on to the text for more detailed information.

Does this sound familiar? That’s exactly what happens when you integrate video into your company’s website. Video becomes a first impression. Web surfers watch your short video, then move on to check out other areas of the site.

Integrating video is a great way to entice people to learn more about you and your company.

–Tony Gnau