Inspiration For Producing Your Videos

Courtesy: CBS News

Last week, I blogged a little about the notion of watching. Watching videos you like, dissecting them, learning from them, and applying similar techniques to your own videos.

Today, I’m going to help you find some good videos to watch, and I’m turning to TV news because that’s where you’ll find my roots.

The organization that most inspired me to improve myself as a video storyteller is the National Press Photographers Association. I was working at my first TV station in Kearney, NE when I went to an NPPA seminar in Omaha. Mind blowing. Here’s a link to last year’s NPPA award winners… Best of Photojournalism 2011.

Looking for daily inspiration? There’s a terrific Facebook group called, “Storytellers.” TV news photographers post their stories and ask for feedback from their peers. I’ve seen a lot of good stuff there.

Finally, my favorite storyteller is my mentor… Steve Hartman of CBS News. Steve was more than generous with his time when I was a young reporter. I used to send him my stories, he’d critique them, and I followed every piece of advice he gave me. He’s been the man behind a few feature segments at CBS, but his current one is entitled, “On the Road,” and it airs every Friday. If you find a guy who’s a better feature reporter and storyteller, please let me know.


–Tony Gnau