Information With Impact

I saw a Verizon piece on YouTube recently that really drives home what an effective communication tool video can be.

The Verizon video is about how their network is helping firefighters get home safe. The video itself is highly produced. They obviously staged some sort of training exercise and also inserted some fancy graphics.

Some thoughts… first, I had no idea Verizon was doing this kind of work, so I took away some new information. Second, the video did a great job of visually making an impact on me. Had I simply read this information, I don’t think it would have captured my attention the way this did.

Folks… that’s the power of video. It communicates information and does it in a way that makes an impact.

Every business has products being created, services that are available, programs taking place that their audience doesn’t know about. Producing videos on these efforts will drive home all the great things a business is working on.

–Tony Gnau