Immunized Against Non-Authentic PR Videos

My wife and I recently had our first baby, and when that happens you’re hit with all sorts of health information. One of the big ones, and these days somewhat controversial, is the push to make sure you immunize the child.

This isn’t a post about that issue… it’s just about a really lame video produced by the Centers for Disease Control.

The video is intended as an educational piece on why people should immunize. They gather a small group of mothers in someone’s family room and they ask a pediatrician questions about the vaccinations.

All of this would be fine if the moms weren’t so phony. We know all of this is staged, and you know the problem with that? It takes away from the message.

When the video looks staged, we feel like we’re not getting authentic information. It’s been sanitized for us… the audience… and we know it.

The whole thing feels dishonest. Not exactly the impression you want to make on people.

Speak from the heart, be honest with people when producing videos. You shouldn’t immunize the audience.

–Tony Gnau