How To Avoid Extra Editing Costs

Don’t get lost in your video’s details. Too much precious editing time can be spent working out a tiny detail that viewers will never notice, and it costs you money.

Certainly, errors need to be corrected, but try not to focus on “correcting” cosmetic things like a single shot that lasts one second.  Some edits to make a “correction” like that can take hours of work depending on how complicated the task, and guess what… you’re paying for that time.

Remember, you’re breaking down this video second-by-second, frame-by-frame. That’s not how the average person watches your video. They watch it once, maybe a couple of times, but they’re not dissecting it.

What you should be hoping for is that the audience leaves your video feeling good about your company. Chances are they’re not even going to notice a one second shot that includes a desk in the background that appears a little messy.

Don’t waste your editing time and production budget “correcting” those shots.

–Tony Gnau