Hiring A Pro Verus An Amateur

Access to the world of video has never been more abundant. The video camera on your iPhone produces a better image than professional cameras did just 10 years ago.

Maybe this fact is tempting you to produce your own company videos? I’m not going to try and talk you out of it. Go for it. Keep something in mind though… this is your company’s reputation you’re putting out there.

I’m frequently surprised by how willing business owners are to turn over their company’s image to an amateur. Whether it’s themselves, or someone else on their team.

They’ll hire a graphic designer and go over several proofs before approving as much as a business card design, but the company video… we can have Ted in accounting do it.

What!? Video is an art. Storytelling is a skill. Ted might be a wiz with numbers, but there’s little chance he’s going to create a video that captures an audience and leaves them feeling good about your company.

There might be small video projects you can create on your own, but it’s better to turn to a pro when your company’s reputation and professionalism is on the line.

–Tony Gnau