Highlight People… Sell More

Wow!  I just saw a video I have to share.  One of the things I’m always trying to convince business leaders to do is highlight the employees at their company… someone with passion.

You don’t need facts and figures to make a video sing.  You need people the viewer will like and connect with.  A video is more about creating a feel and touching emotions than providing detailed facts.

The following isn’t a corporate video.  It was produced for a foodie web site, but this is exactly the type of video companies should be producing.  It’s way too long for a corporate video, but the look and feel are perfect.  If you don’t want to buy soda pop from this guy, you probably just don’t like soda pop.  Watch the first couple minutes… that is… if you don’t get hooked and watch the whole thing.

Soda Pop Stop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPbh6Ru7VVM

Like what you saw?  Check out a shorter, Telly award winning profile produced by T60: https://www.t60productions.com/Video-I_AM_CONNECTED_-_United_Airlines.html