Video Samples / Guthery

The following are a few examples of T60’s work. I specifically chose a couple of videos used by organizations as fundraising tools, since I know you’d like your video to help inspire people to donation money for more research.

Special note: a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away (2006?) T60 produced a series of videos for California Physicians Supplements. While they aren’t an example of current work, some of the material is in the same vein of what you’re going for in the example you provided me and some of the things we talked about. So… I posted the introduction video below as well as one of the supplement videos.

FYI… the client did provide existing video interviews with two of the doctors seen in the videos (brown wall backdrop). I believe in full-disclosure. :-)

–Tony Gnau

LSS - Open Adoption
Time: 3:39
Used as a fundraising tool


DuPage Habitat for Humanity
Time: 3:18
Used as a fundraising tool


California Physicians Supplements - Introduction
Time: 3:25
Used as a sales tool


California Physicians Supplements - Joint Care
Time: 1:24
Used as a sales tool