Green Client, Green Shoot

Green Planet Bottling features 100% recyclable bottles.

T60 has taken on a couple of “green” clients lately.  First, Goose Island Beer Company is doing more and more to produce their beers in an environmentally friendly way.  They’ve even started brewing a new beer called, Green Line.  It’s locally sourced and all draft. We’ll be sharing a new video for that beer soon.

Another “green” client is Green Planet Bottling Company. This company is pretty cool. It’s a bottled water company, but its bottles are made from plants and are 100% recyclable. Seriously. You can put them in a compost and they’ll simply disappear over time. I told you, pretty cool.

T60 took a Zipcar to today's Green Planet Bottling shoot.

Anyway, T60 is a good match for “green” companies like these because our carbon footprint fits their efforts. We do not have a company car, instead, we frequently use the car sharing service, Zipcar, and occasionally take public transportation to meetings and shoots.

Yup… we support our clients in all sorts of ways.

–Tony Gnau