Grab your customers’ attention on a small budget.

One of the simplest ways to keep video production prices down is by shortening the video’s length, and this cost saving solution has more than a bottom line benefit.

The Internet is a point-and-click, attention-deficit challenge for marketers.  Research proves that people want to see web videos, but they must be short and professional or web surfers won’t bother to watch them.

T60’s 60-Second Solution

60-second web videos are a nice fit for many businesses.  It’s enough time to communicate a message, and short enough not to break a budget.  And in the hands of a professional storyteller, you can get a good video that will have an impact on customers.

60-second web videos are also great for other e-marketing forums.  Include links to your 60-second videos in company newsletters, targeted email blasts as well as social media outlets.  The low cost might also allow you to produce multiple videos targeting different customers.

  1. • Video Example: Company Introduction (Sovereign Healthcare)
  2. • Video Example: Basic Marketing Campaign (Goose Island Beer Co.)