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So… you want a video but you have no idea what’s involved. Well, no need to fear. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Many video production company’s are rooted in the film industry. Not us. T60 sprung from TV news. That means we don’t script things in advance and we don’t storyboard every shot of the video.

Instead, we approach it the same way a journalist would tell the story. We conduct interviews, shoot video that supports what was said, and put together the story from there.

We believe producing this way provides a much more authentic video. One that comes off as genuine and doesn’t sound sales-y.



Prices for Full-Service Storytelling start at $4500. On average, these projects usually come in around $5000 – $7000.



Want to see Full-Service Storytelling at work? Check out these video examples.

Our Full-Service Storytelling Process


  • we talk with you in advance about your goals for the video
  • based on that discussion, we brainstorm story ideas that will capture your audience
  • talk about who we might want to interview for your story

Video Shoot

  • visit the site and shoot raw video (b-roll)
  • also, shoot any interviews we might need
  • do it all in a way that’s non-intrusive and makes everyone feel comfortable


  • load all the raw video (b-roll) and sound bites into the computer
  • evaluate and transcribe sound bites gathered during the video shoot
  • evaluate b-roll that was shot
  • create a script aimed at meeting the needs discussed during pre-production conversations
  • submit the script to the customer for approval and make any requested changes
  • edit the video based on the approved script
  • submit the edited video to the customer for approval and make any requested changes
  • create final digital file for the client

We Do Things Right

Whether you want to roll out a marketing campaign or put together something for internal communications, our Full-Service Storytelling will work for you.

Our goal is for the process to be as easy on you as possible, and deliver a story you’ll be proud to share.



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Wow… sounds like we take care of everything! Yup… we do. We make the process as easy as possible for our customers.

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