Five Days of Christmas Videos: #5

Wait a second!? It’s Archive Friday. T60 usually doesn’t post a blog on Friday. It’s a day to unabashedly promote its past videos!

Well, today we can serve you as well as our shameless plug. :-)

All week we’ve been highlighting Christmas videos and how they can serve companies in their PR/marketing efforts. In most cases, it’s simply putting a holiday spin on the same types of videos businesses should be doing all year-long.

Demonstrating company culture, focusing on charity efforts, highlighting standout employees, and now… promoting company events.

T60 has done a couple of videos in the past for NBA All-Star Chris Bosh. While he was playing for the Toronto Raptors, we were hired to document his annual Christmas party for local kids.

Businesses hold all sorts of holiday events. Having a video produced like this allows them to share the experience via social media, and also provide a terrific promotional tool for the next year.

–Tony Gnau