Video Samples / Experiential Media Network

Okay… I’ve given you few things to watch. The first are just a couple of examples of hospitality work we’ve done. Full-service storytelling videos like these start at around $4500.

The last examples are the direction you might want to push them. It’s a series of videos we call our Elevator Pitch videos, and they cost $1000 each. We use a simple 3-step process for telling all sorts of stories… About Us videos, product/service videos, testimonials… just about anything. Here’s a little bit more about them: Elevator Pitch Details.┬áIt would be good content for them at an affordable price.

Savor: Catering Food Quality
Time: 2:51


Hyatt-McCormick Place Relationship
Time: 2:22


BoG tag
Time: 1:00
Elevator Pitch Example


Dennis Huyck - Real Estate Broker
Time: 1:14
Elevator Pitch Example