What to Expect on the Day of Your 3-Step Video Shoot

Okay… you’re sign-up and you’ve scheduled your video shoot. Now what? Well, here are some things to keep in mind and expect for the day of your shoot.

Look Nice

This should go without saying, but you’ll want to make sure anyone appearing on-camera looks nice. No special clothing or make-up are needed, just look nice. I always tell people, dress with the image you want to project in mind.

If that’s a suit or dress, fine. Maybe your business is totally casual and you wear a t-shirt and jeans everyday, that’s fine too.

Pro Tip: avoid wearing bright reds and oranges. Also, avoid distracting patters.

Your Videographer

Your videographer should arrive at the agreed to time. They’ll probably have a camera, tripod, audio gear, lights, and some other odds and ends. In other words, a decent amount of gear, but this won’t be a giant crew. Likely, it’ll just be one person, but they might bring an assistant.

Your videographer is your director, video shooter, story creator, editor… he or she is a one-man-band and a total professional. They’ll guide you through the process, but if you have some specific things that MUST be in the video (a shot of this or that, a particular fact, etc.) please tell them.

How Long Will It Take?

The shoot should last about an hour. Some might take a little less, others might run a little longer, but we try to get them done in 60-minutes.

I’m a Little Nervous

It’s totally natural, but don’t worry too much. We’ve done this a long time and we haven’t lost anyone yet.

And good news… this is NOT live television. If you say something you don’t like, try again. Nobody will see what ends-up on the cutting room floor.

Also, please keep in mind we’re not 60-Minutes coming to grill you about your business. We’re here to make you look and sound good. We want people to feel good about you and your company/organization. We’re on your side!