Everyone Is A Media Company Now

If you want to create content and drive engagement, you have to realize something. You’re a media company now.

I know… “We’re not a media company. We make widgets. We provide a service.”

That’s right, but you’re also a media company. That is… if you’re interested in using social media to help your business.

Don’t believe me? Check out what major corporations are doing these days. They’re creating tons of videos, and not just talk-to-the-FlipCam videos. Highly produced, professional videos that tell great stories.

Their YouTube channels are just that… channels that they’re programming the way a TV station does. Companies are producing videos that will appeal to their specific audience.

Is it worth the money? Every business leader has to decide that for themselves, but Fortune 500 companies… corporations that rarely do anything unless ROI is involved.. are out there producing quality video content right now.

Are you ready to join them?

–Tony Gnau