Video Samples / Event Video Possibilities

Corporate events are a great fit for video, and there are a bunch options for things you can produce during the event itself.

  • Featuring a guest speaker? You can shoot their entire presentation.
  • Maybe you just want the event highlights. You can produce a video to capture those as well.
  • Maybe you want something to show the excitement of the event to share with participants, attendees, and others who couldn’t make it. There are all sorts of possibilities.

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The following are just a few examples of videos you can shoot and produce during an event.

FULL EVENT VIDEO | Goose Island Craft Brewers Conference Party
Time: 4:24
Capture the excitement of your event and then share it with everyone afterward.


HIGHLIGHT VIDEO | ChicagoAMA: Momentum (Big Data & CRM)
Time: 1:45
Provide people with some of the key takeaways from your event with a highlight video like this one.


THEME VIDEO | Content Jam
Time: 2:27
Pick a theme, let your presenters answer, share it with everyone in the post event email.


PRESENTATION VIDEO | Rob Biesenbach (Communications Expert)
Time: 3:11
Shoot an actual presentation (this is just segment of the presentation)