Even Print Publications Offering Video

Reading material is essential for an out-of-town shoot, and a couple of things I picked-up during our flight to San Diego really drove something home.

Video rules over print.

We all know this. When given the choice between a lot of text or watching a video, most people will choose the video. There’s all sorts of online data out there supporting this, so it’s no wonder even print publications are trying to offer video.

Examples A and B… USA Today and Skymall catalogue. I snapped a couple of photos showing how they ask people to go to their websites to watch videos. USA Today does mention you can find other things like features and photos, but tops on the list… video.

Business leaders need to get with it. They need to realize just offering text on a website or in social media posts won’t cut it anymore. If they want to remain competitive and on top of the marketplace they need to be producing videos.

It’s how their customers and prospects are consuming media.

–Tony Gnau