Encyclopedia Britannica: alive, informing, using video

And you thought I was done blogging about BrandSmart. Well… so did I, but I was going over my notes one more time and another blog post jumped out at me.

Encyclopedia Britannica. Did you think the internet killed it? Not even close. The company’s senior vice president and general manager of education told the BrandSmart audience Britannica has been changing with the times.

They no longer print encyclopedias, instead, the company delivers its content online.┬áThe internet hasn’t killed Britannica. It’s actually given leaders there a chance to make their content even more engaging.

Britannica Video

I know, you can see where this is going. The first thing you find when logging on to the website is video. Obviously, something the print edition could never do, but it speaks volumes about the medium about how it’s a powerful information tool.

Here’s a company that’s been in the information and printing business for hundreds of years. You read that right… hundreds of years. The company was founded in 18th Century, and after all that time they leave the printing business and what’s one of the first things that’s added to the content… video.

They understand the power of video. It has the ability to capture people’s attention, peak their interest and get them to seek even more information.

Seeing any benefit to business here?

–Tony Gnau